Autism Awareness Month: See & Save Wristbands

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder very near to the hearts of everyone here at Relive Everyday. For the past year, we have been working hard to create a product that would allow us to show appreciation and support for our partnership with the Autism Hope Alliance; this is how our limited-edition bottle of RE-ASSURE Gummies was born.

Our marketing team stumbled upon the See & Save system and CleverDux, and knew that we needed to find a way to get these wristbands in the hands, or around the wrists, of the children our gummies have been helping. What exactly are CleverDux and the See & Save system?

4 years ago, after the miss-diagnosis of Marcus Terranova’s anaphylactic medical condition, CleverDux began creating a solution to this ongoing tragedy.


“No one suspected Marcus was having an anaphylactic reaction and so he was not being treated accordingly. I am positive my son would be here with me today if he was treated for the allergy first. If Marcus was wearing a wristband indicating an allergy condition, and the carers acted accordingly based on instructions to treat the symptoms of anaphylaxis first, Marcus could have been administered the lifesaving adrenalin he needed.”

– John Terranova, Marcus’ father


The See & Save system is a simple visual solution that identifies a child’s medical condition through the use of highly visible, specifically colored wristbands. The wristbands indicate the condition of a child immediately so that teachers, casual staff, educators, coaches, doctors, nurses or anyone can easily identify and correctly monitor the child’s condition. Seconds can be vital when it comes to the treatment of a child with a medical condition in an emergency. Correct identification and immediate treatments when a reaction or attack occurs could save their life.

After speaking to a few autism moms, we chose to purchase 100 of the yellow ‘Autism’ bands and offer them as a free add-on with the purchase of a bottle of the AHA Gummies. Each of the moms expressed how the bands would help other people identify their child’s disorder, and understand their behavior without having to ask questions or making assumptions.


  • An estimated one-third of people with autism are nonverbal. The wristbands can help people understand these children better – and the question “Why doesn’t he/she/they speak?” can be avoided.
  • Nearly half of those with autism wander or bolt from safety. If a child with ASD wonders off, it can be frightening for everyone, especially the child. The wristband may be helpful if a child wanders off and someone finds them.
  • As many as one-third of people with autism have epilepsy. If the child is having a seizure, seeing the wristband could help the child receive the proper medical treatment they need.


The above statistics were pulled from and are just three situations where the See & Save wristbands could be useful. The wristbands could help ease a parent’s worry when they are in the care of someone else.

We decided for April to focus on spreading awareness and advocating for autism, as it is Autism Awareness Month. Click here to purchase a bottle of gummies and get a free wristband!

If you would like to see the other options and get wristbands for your children, you can visit!


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