Can I Travel with CBD?

School’s out, and summer is officially kicking off! Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean your aches, pains, and health issues are going on a vacation also – so you’re going to want to take your CBD oil with you. 

A few weeks ago, a 69-year-old woman was arrested at Disneyland for having CBD oil in her purse. This situation caused quite an uproar, leaving CBD users even more confused than before. Can I travel with CBD oil? Should I leave my CBD at home? 

If you’re planning on traveling this summer, this article is for you! 

Can I Drive with CBD?

If you’re planning on taking a road trip this summer, you should have no worries taking your CBD with you as long as you keep in mind the laws of the states your driving through and of your destination. In some states, the local authorities are stricter and may take action if someone is found with a CBD product. 

Can I Fly with CBD?

Flying with CBD is a little trickier – but can be done. A few tips would be to know the rules of the airport, bring any and all documentation if possible, and always pack your CBD in your carry-on. 

Recently, TSA posted a statement about cannabis on Instagram. The statement reads, “Let us be blunt: TSA officers DO NOT search for marijuana or other illegal drugs. Our screening procedures are focused on security and detecting potential threats.” They go on to say that TSA agents are obligated by law to inform local law enforcement if they do find CBD oil or other cannabis products on your person during screening. 

If you are stopped and questioned about your CBD oil, know what’s in your product and have any documentation available to show (if possible). We do not recommend traveling with a CBD product with high levels of THC – always read the COAs on the company’s website before you purchase CBD products, print the COA out and take it with you if you can. 

If you aren’t breaking any laws, you may just be asked to dispose of your CBD before going through security. If cannabis isn’t legal in the state, you could be prosecuted. Know the rules and regulations before even going to the airport. 

To ensure a smoother travel day, keep your CBD products in your carry-on bag. If you act like you have something to hide, it will seem like you have something to hide. Keeping your CBD in your carry-on, and any relevant information with you will help you avoid any uncomfortable questions from TSA if asked. 

Over the Memorial Day weekend, TSA updated its medical marijuana (hemp-derived CBD included) policy on its website.


The Bottom Line

While hemp-derived CBD is legal under federal law, some laws and regulations will vary from state to state, and a few states have strict laws against CBD regardless of its source. If you’re too anxious to travel with CBD, leave it at home. 

If you’re traveling to a state with lax CBD laws, order your CBD and have us ship it to you for your arrival. We’ll even cover the cost of shipping – enjoy your vacation with Relive Everyday! I

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