How does our discount program work?

Please note, these discounts ARE NOT offered to wholesalers.

We work with a third party called VerifyPass.  Through their service, we can verify that you, our valued customer, is indeed in one of the groups we offer a 15% discount on our products.  Those groups are:

  1. Active Duty, Veterans & Dependents
    • Active Duty (currently serving in the Armed Forces)
    • Veterans (formerly served in the Armed Forces)
    • Dependents (spouse or child of above)
  2. Police, Fire and EMT
    • Law Enforcement (Police, Deputies, Federal LEO)
    • Firefighters (County, City, Wilderness)
    • EMT / EMS
    • Nurses / Doctors
    • Public Service / Government
    • Retired (of above)
  3. Doctors, Nurses & medical staff
    • Doctors
    • Nurses
    • Physician Assistants
    • Hospital Staff
    • Mental Health Professionals

To gain access to the coupon code that gives you this discount, you will need to sign up at VerifyPass. To access this, visit your cart page (when you have an item in your cart).

select 1 of the 3 options:

Discount Screen

Once you click an option, a pop up will appear directing you to the VerifyPass login:


At this point, you should follow the prompts on the screen first with “create account”. 

Please note: you will need to provide legal document(s) to verify that you are in the industry you claim to be involved in. If you choose to not offer any documentation, then VerifyPass will not be able to verify your request, and no code will be offered.  We will not honor this discount to anyone that has not gone through VerifyPass, and this discount will only be offered online, not phone-in orders, as our phone operators do not have access to the VerifyPass database.

Once you’ve signed up, you can choose the various login options. That will lead you to an area where you will have access to the coupon code that gives you the 20% discount.

Should you have any issues creating an account OR logging in, you will need to contact VerifyPass. You can do this by going to, scrolling to the bottom of the screen, and using the links provided in the “Help & Support” section:


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