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Awesome Autumn: Fall Wellness Tips, Foods, and Other Ways to Stay Healthy This Season

Summer’s change into Autumn brings plenty of great things with it. Cooler temperatures, changing leaves, Halloween candy, and the flavor of the season: pumpkin spice. However, Fall isn’t all trick or treating and Thanksgiving dinners. It can also cause significant changes in a person’s overall wellness. That’s why in this post, we’re covering some ways to stay healthy in our guide to Fall wellness tips!

Mental Health: Fall Wellness Tips

For many Americans, transitioning from summer into fall feels like a massive bummer. In fact, experts believe that about 10 million Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Symptoms of the condition include feeling sad (as if the name didn’t give that away), lethargic energy levels, having difficulty concentrating, changes in appetite and weight, sleep problems, stress, anxiety, and more. While SAD usually affects people moving into fall and winter, it can also strike during the spring and summer. These cases are usually less common, though.

Researchers believe that several factors, including vitamin D deficit and melanin abundance from a lack of sunlight, contribute to SAD. Changes in your biological clock also may affect your hormonal balance, changing your mood.

Think you may be feeling SAD? There are a few actions you can take to help minimize its effects.

  • Spend Time Outside: since researchers believe that a lack of sunlight may trigger SAD, you should try to get as much of it as possible! This may be one of the most effective ways to counteract symptoms associated with this condition.
  • Increase Vitamin D: if you’re looking for a quick fix, try increasing your vitamin D intake. You can do that with many common dietary supplements.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): just like with other forms of depression or anxiety, CBT may be an effective way for patients to deal with SAD. In fact, CBT may produce the most effective and longest-lasting effects of any treatment, even going outside.
  • Try CBD: while CBD may not be able to treat the core causes of SAD, it may still be a useful tool. Remember, CBD may be able to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. As a result, it may be able to alleviate the actual results of SAD.

Fall Health Tips

SAD isn’t the only thing to watch out for when summer shifts into fall, though. The changing seasons bring about several challenges. So many, in fact, that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) itself has released a checklist of fall wellness tips. Some of their most important recommendations include:

  • Stay Hydrated: sure, alcohol and sugary drinks may be more fun than boring water. But they’re no substitute. After all, water makes up between 50 and 70 percent of your body! Experts suggest drinking about 15 cups of water per day for men, and 11 cups for women. 
  • Get Proper Sleep: this one can be tough, especially as you get further into Fall. The change in your internal clock can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule, making proper sleep hygiene difficult. But it’s important to maintain a proper sleep schedule. Try to get 7 hours of sleep or more. 
  • Maintain Exercise Levels: if you’re a fan of going on runs or bike rides, Fall may present a challenge to your exercise routines. First of all, the falling temperatures make getting outside uncomfortable, sometimes even dangerous. And the same goes for earlier sunset times – you may not want to be out after dark alone. But exercise is still an important part of your overall wellness! If possible, consider buying a gym membership. If that’s not an option, you can still exercise in the comfort of your home! Combine jumping jacks, pushups, sit ups, and a pull up bar for an inexpensive and effective indoor routine that can keep you fit throughout the Fall and Winter months. You can even sprinkle in an online yoga class here and there for added effect!
  • Eat Right: just like it does with sleep, Autumn can throw a serious monkey wrench in your food prepping routine. No one wants to spend time cooking after a long day when it’s already dark outside. But eating right is just as important during the Fall as it is throughout the rest of the year!

Don’t Fall Behind on Your Fall Wellness Check List

If you try to stick to these Fall wellness tips, you shouldn’t have any problem handling the cooler months the same way you did during the warmer ones. And while you can follow many of these Fall health tips without much trouble, there’s one that might take a little bit of forward thinking: using CBD.

Sure, you can buy CBD in wellness shops and grocery stores these days. But the CBD you find at the impulse kiosk isn’t the same quality as premium, high-grade hemp extracts. Instead, you’ll want to shop from CBD specialists.

That’s where Relieve Everyday comes in. Our proprietary extraction techniques and recipes, lets us curate a craft CBD experience. Enjoy CBD on your own terms with nondetectable levels of THC. With gummies, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and more, there’s a consumption method that will fit everyone’s preferences. And we source all of our CBD from American hemp farmers to maintain high quality standards.

With these helpful Fall wellness tips and premium CBD from Relieve Everyday, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever this Autumn throws at you. Above all, don’t panic. It’ll be Spring before you know it!

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