Heroes Outdoor Therapy and Relive Everyday: Together, We Can Make A Difference

Freedom isn’t free, but your therapy should be.

Leslie VanDerau served in the Marine Corps Reserve, as a Combat Engineer from 2003-2009 with a deployment to Iraq for OIF II in 2004. Once returning home, Leslie struggled to find normalcy in her every day civilian life.

Along the way, Leslie developed a dependency on alcohol and knew that she needed to desperately find a healthier way to cope before she lost her loved ones. Leslie found peace and serenity in fishing and being near the water.

As Leslie became more and more passionate about outdoor therapy, she noticed that there were many non-profits and groups dedicated to providing recreational therapy to veterans – and while nearly every single one was willing to help accommodate a veteran once on site, the travel expenses were left entirely to the veteran to cover.


Leslie saw the issue, and she was going to help fix it. Leslie launched her very own non-profit, Heroes Outdoor Therapy (HOT). HOT’s mission is to take the financial burden off of veterans so that they can attend recreational therapy trips countrywide.

Recreational therapy provides additional coping mechanisms related to stress and intense emotions by lowering levels of anxiety, providing social opportunities, and creating a sense of community, cohesion, and engagement among veterans.

Heroes Outdoor Therapy’s vision is to maximize the opportunity for HEROES to participate in OUTDOOR recreational functions through the provision of financial and logistical support; to enhance the discovery of camaraderie in the outdoors as THERAPY for those who have served our country.

H.O.T. and Relive Everyday

If you met Leslie, it wouldn’t take long to notice that she is a strong, independent woman willing to do whatever it takes to help everyone and anyone. In order to keep helping everyone else, she also has to help herself – which she has been doing through recreational therapy and Relive Everyday products.

Chad, our Director of Sales, sat down with Leslie months ago and taught her all about CBD and Relive Everyday’s products, with the only intention being finding an all-natural way for Leslie to feel relief in her everyday life. After a few days of taking the RE-ASSURE gummies, Leslie noticed her anxiety decreasing significantly, and she was able to fall asleep easier and more comfortably. Naturally, Leslie wanted to help other veterans feel the same way.

We’ve had the pleasure to work alongside Leslie while figuring out just how Relive Everyday could help give back to veterans, through a partnership with Heroes Outdoor Therapy.

Relive Everyday strives to make our products as accessible as possible. To show our gratitude to those who have served as members of the United States Military, we are offering 20% off through a coupon code provided to Heroes Outdoor Therapy. We will also be donating 20% from each sale to Heroes Outdoor Therapy to help them continue their mission of providing all-expenses-paid, recreational therapy to veterans.

Head over to Leslie’s Facebook page and message her for the coupon code!

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