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It’s hard to describe how the sensation of being “stuck” feels. All you know is that you’re not moving forward in your personal or professional life. Despite your best efforts, you feel like you’re stuck tumbling in an existential eddy, unable to free yourself and move on. Getting stuck can happen for any number of reasons – and breaking free can sometimes be tough.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can end these cycles and get back to living your best life. Here are some tips our founder Amanda has for anyone feeling stuck and seeking release.

What is “Getting Stuck” Exactly?”

Before we dive in, we should cover what “getting stuck” feels like in the first place. Essentially, the term refers to any time you’re trapped in dysfunctional routines without the energy to change your situation. Chances are, if you’re stuck, you’ll know about it. That’s one of the insidious things about getting stuck. You know it’s happening, but you believe you’re powerless to change your situation. That can lead to your situation snowballing and becoming worse.

Getting stuck is sort of like getting burned out – we’ve covered that in a past blog post. However, where getting burned out usually encompasses some single aspect of your life (like work or family matters), getting stuck affects your entire existence. Getting stuck can arise from several factors, including unmanaged mental health conditions, short-sightedness, poor support structures, and subliminal self-sabotage, among other causes.

One big characteristic of getting stuck in a modern context is the lack of a greater meaning or purpose in your life. It’s easy to get caught up in this, especially in today’s fast-paced and commercialized world. Fortunately, you don’t have to give in!

How to Break Free from Getting Stuck: Get Unstuck With These Tips

Now that we have what it means to be unstuck out of the way, it’s time to cover a few ways that you can set yourself free. Here are some tips from our founder Amanda that you can use to get yourself moving forward again.

Start Small

Often, getting stuck can start slowly. It happens bit by bit, going unnoticed until it’s become a giant ape on your back. By then, it’s become such an ingrained part of your lifestyle that it’s too big to tackle by itself.

That’s why one of the best ways to get unstuck is by starting small. By starting small (and sticking with it), you can begin making the changes you need to get your life back in motion again. For example, you can start getting unstuck by making new friends or small changes in your daily routine. Instead of taking that nap, go on a run or start a short workout. Eventually, all the small things (thanks Blink-182) will accumulate and build into the new life that you’re trying to create!

Get a Different Perspective

Once you get into the routine of being stuck, your perspective on life changes. It permeates the entire way you view the world and can prevent you from taking the necessary steps to get yourself out of your rut.

That’s why changing our perspective can be a powerful way to free ourselves from getting stuck. Seeing reality in a new way is one of the best things you can do to help switch things up. To do this, try meditating. Try to filter out all the noise from your chaotic life and tune in to what the little voice inside you says. It’s not possible for everyone but traveling or taking a break from your routine can be a powerful tool for resetting destructive cycles.

Let Go of Your Hangups

Sometimes, bad things happen to us, and they never resolve. We can wait for months (or even years) looking for some kind of resolution to these situations. But the cold, hard truth is that sometimes, we never get it. And when that happens, we can’t let the lack of a resolution hold us back. Instead, we need to just let go.

To do that, stop thinking about past events. You can’t change them – but you can change your present. Stop blaming yourself for things that didn’t work out. Instead of getting stuck on your past, accept it and move on. If you’re unsure how to do this, contact us about coaching with Amanda.

Step Back and Reassess

We mentioned that one big factor that causes people to get stuck is a general lack of purpose in their lives. This big gnawing hole can leave you feeling empty, which may lead you to develop bad habits. Don’t let that happen. Instead, fill that void by asking yourself about your true purpose.

That’s a pretty big question to ask yourself. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be hard to answer it. Just step back and look at the things that make you feel validated. Do you like helping others reach their full potential? Maybe you fill yourself spiritually by helping animals in need? Take a moment to brainstorm your values, what makes you happy, what inspires you, and what makes you feel good.

Get Some Help With Getting Unstuck

Sometimes, getting unstuck is easier said than done. It’s hard to change your routines, which is a critical part of getting unstuck. If you’re finding yourself unable to get unstuck by yourself, our founder, Amanda, may be able to help.

As a psychedelic-informed coach and trained breathwork practitioner, Amanda can equip you with the tools you need to get unstuck and improve your life. To learn more about Amanda’s practice, check out her background on our website. And if you want to schedule a free consultation to discover how Amanda can help you get unstuck, use our online form here.

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