Decoding Nature-Based Supplements

It’s no secret that supplements provide scientifically proven mental and physical benefits. But not all supplements are made to the same quality standards. Even multiple products labeled as “all-natural vitamins” aren’t on the same level. For those who aren’t familiar with vitamins and supplements, knowing which products are legit can get a little confusing. 

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. In this post, we’ll outline some traits that set Relive Everyday® firmly in a league of its own. We’ll also breakdown how we compare to some of the other best-rated supplements and vitamins available. 

How to Choose Natural Supplements

Whenever you consider introducing a supplement into your daily regimen, you need to consider a few different variables. Third-party vitamin testers like NSF recommend the following questions and answers you should think about before buying a supplement: 

  • Does the product contain any harmful chemicals or contaminants? This is probably the most important question to answer whenever you’re looking at a new vitamin or supplement. You’re trying to help your body, not harm it!
  • Does the product contain any additives that it doesn’t list on its ingredients? This is another important query. You need to know what you’re putting in your body! If you can find a Certificate of Analysis (COA) you can be more confident of what is in the product.
  • Does the product really contain what’s on the label and in the correct amounts? If not, how can you really know that the vitamin or supplement is actually helping your body? Again, a COA will show you how much is in THAT batch of product. Your product should have a batch number on the item to better help you answer this question when reviewing the COA.
  • Is each dose of the product standardized? Here’s a question that’s not so obvious. You want to make sure that each dose of your new product is the same. If you don’t, you’re just taking random shots in the dark. Compare COA to COA on the same product. If you see wild variances, proceed with caution. 

You may have a hard time discerning the answers to each of these questions with many CBD products and other plant-based vitamins. That’s because many companies that make these products don’t put them through a robust testing process. 

That’s where Relive Everyday® comes in. 

Relive Everyday®: Ingredients and Process

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about any uncertainty when you use Relive Everyday® products. How can we be so sure? Because we use two different kinds of chromatography to determine and refine the exact molecular makeup of our products. 

Our preparative (prep) and CPC chromatography machines help us separate and measure ingredients in complex solutions. These pharmaceutical-grade instruments give us the ability to separate ingredients in Relive Everyday® products by molecular weight. They’re accurate up to 1 PPM, or one millionth of a solution. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve tested, measured, and detected every ingredient in our offerings. 

Remember: dosage standardization is also important for CBD products. At Relive Everyday®, we’ve taken this lesson to heart. That’s why each of our tinctures come with easy-measure dropper tops. And our gummies and capsules each bear precision-measured doses as well. That way, you can make sure that you’re always getting the same amount of CBD every single time you use one of our products. How’s that for peace of mind? 

False Ingredient Claims

It’s also important to be wary of products that make false claims. According to the FTC, many products that claim to be “non-GMO” or “natural” may be blowing smoke. These terms do not mean the product is organic. Instead, they’re fancy-sounding marketing buzzwords to make consumers think the product is safe and organic. While Relive Everyday® does use those terms – we care about the raw ingredients that go into every batch of Relive Everyday® gummies, tinctures, capsules, and more. We also care about getting the maximum exposure to people that also are concerned about what they put in their bodies. 

That’s why we only extract our CBD from certified organically grown hemp plants. In fact, all the plant mass that goes into our products is sourced in-house form a 650-acre state-of-the-art hemp farm. While some companies synthesize some of the ingredients in their CBD products, that’s not how we do things. 

Instead, we extract them directly from plants, where they’ve developed naturally during the plant’s life cycles. We even use our own proprietary in-house extraction system that gives us complete control over every aspect of the process. 

Okay, so that all may be well and good. But how do we actually stand up to national companies that make organic supplements? We’re glad you asked! 

Nature Made Vitamins

You may have heard of Nature Made Vitamins. These all-natural vitamins are a household name among the supplement community. If you’ve ever asked yourself “are Nature Made vitamins good,” the short answer is yes. Below, we’ll dive into a detail-oriented Nature Made vitamin review comparing how Relive Everyday® measures up. 

Nature Made Vitamins: The Breakdown

Nature Made Vitamins are made using the same quality guidelines we mentioned earlier. Their guiding principles include making sure their products contain what they say they do, don’t contain anything they don’t, are contaminant-free, and feature standardized doses. While they’re not verified by NSF, another group, the United States Pharmacopeia, does verify the ingredients in Nature Made Vitamins.

 In fact, according to the FDA, these types of quality control organizations use chromatography to study the exact molecular makeup of a product’s ingredients. While it’s not the same, it‘s a similar technique to the quality control process used at Relive Everyday®.

 Nature-Based Supplements Decoded

Now that you have a better idea of the ins and outs of the supplement world, you’re ready to make more informed decisions about your daily wellness. Remember: if you’re ever looking for premium-grade CBD products made to high quality control standards, trust Relive Everyday® . We can even ship nationwide thanks to our nondetectable THC amount. Don’t wait to take control of your wellness – do it with Relive Everyday!

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