Princess Hattie Hemp: The Journey to Hemp Legality

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Hattie who grew fascinated with plants. As she grew she began studying botany. During her time researching, she came across a plant called hemp. At first, she was deterred around the stigma, but soon after delving into its history, she learned how beneficial it was. First used as medicine in ancient China, then used as rope for ships importing spices, and now has thousands of possible uses! Hemp concrete, makeup, alternative medicine, food, clothing, and more! 

From pirates to kings, hemp seemed to be able to help anyone do anything!

“Why weren’t more people aware of this?” Hattie thought. If something were so helpful for hundreds of thousands of people, why wouldn’t it be legal to use?

Soon she learned that in 1937, cannabis was banned from usage and they wouldn’t give anyone permits to grow hemp. This was troublesome in its own right since plenty of farmers used hemp to make rope for ship masts and to make sure their soil was healthy. Hemp served not only the people, but the planet as well.

During the war on drugs in the 70s, hemp was clumped together with cannabis and became just as illegal as the former. There was a huge stigma around hemp since it looked identical to cannabis, this is when she began forming a plan. If there is anything that she was taught, it’s that you should not judge a book by its cover. How could people write off a plant simply because it resembled another plant? If she was taught not to judge someone off of their looks, then she would bring that message to the masses!

Hattie took to the streets and began her part in the hemp revolution. What did she do you may ask? She educated her friends and family, one of the best things you can do! Starting conversations and providing people with facts and evidence is a great way to start getting rid of the stigma around hemp. Hattie was known by everyone as an advocate for hemp, and even earned the title Hemp Princess by all of those across the world that followed her journey.

Social media has been a great way to reach so many people and help build a community around supporting hemp and CBD.

In 2014 a lot of the Hemp Princess’s hard work paid off! The 2014 farm bill was introduced which allowed studies to take place surrounding hemp. This only further fueled research and allowed people to become more educated on the matter. With this great victory under her belt, Hemp Princess only used it as motivation! She worked hard in spreading her message, de-stigmatizing the plant, and helping spread the facts of all the new research coming out. 

As soon as 2018 rolled around, she was ready! The new farm bill was introduced which legalized hemp federally! This was a huge success! But the work doesn’t stop there, our Hemp Princess spends her time educating herself and others through word of mouth and social media. So now she has a question for you. 

What are you doing to help advocate for hemp?

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