Relive Everyday: The People’s Brand

Relive Everyday was founded by a group of passionate, industry professionals brought together to achieve one goal: to provide the world a convenient path to total wellness through quality researched health products, one molecule at a time.

Each member of the Relive Everyday team has personal ties to the power of CBD, and a passion to help spread awareness throughout the nation.

The Early Days

Early on, we recognized the areas that were lacking in the CBD industry and became highly motivated to supply what consumers were consistently looking for but unable to find. We carefully constructed our business plan around the promise to deliver as much optimal value to our customers as possible – whether that be educating the consumer, low costs, high quality – whatever it takes to help those re-live their best days, and let the bad days be a thing of the past.

After many months of trial-and-error, and the feeling of almost getting it right, we developed our broad-spectrum formula. When we weighed the pros and cons of this nearly unheard-of formula, we realized that the advantages were much more prevalent than the few drawbacks we could come up with.

Broad spectrum would be the best answer for those who benefited from the effects of a full spectrum product but wanted to minimize the chances of having THC in their system!

The Relive Everyday Promise

We pride ourselves on our use of 100% USA seed-to-shelf path for our products – to ensure consistency and quality.

Our industrial hemp is grown in Oregon and Minnesota under the supervision of each state’s Department of Agriculture. Then, our products are processed at our state-of-the-art labs in California. Before our products are ready to hit the shelves, each batch is third-party tested to keep up with our company standards.

These products go through two extraction processes, to ensure our products meet this THC-free standard: a CO2 extraction to obtain the crude oil and a secondary extraction of high-performance liquid chromatography, to extract the THC.

You’ll never have to second guess the products you purchase from us, or the team you’re purchasing from. Our staff is highly educated on all things hemp and CBD and takes the time to continuously learn as the industry grows. If you ever have questions, you can ask them via social media or by emailing us at [email protected]!

We want to get your Relive Everyday products to you as quick as possible, so we offer fast and free shipping on all orders. To ensure you have enough product to continue your weekly CBD routine, we also offer a monthly (or bi-monthly) subscription service to keep your RE coming straight to your door the same time every month.

Our Products

Today, we provide a variety of THC-free products to assist in your journey to complete wellness. Our RE-LIVE Tinctures for peace-of-mind, RE-FLEX Pain Spray for calmness of body, RE-ASSURE Gummies for ease-of-access, and RE-ALIGN Topical Analgesic for medical professionals.

Recently, we gave our RE-ASSURE Gummies a healthier upgrade! We removed the corn syrup and gelatin and replaced them with healthier alternatives – making them vegan and a worry-free option for parents.

As a company, we want to be the people’s brand, listening to the needs of the consumer, and providing an option that will fit those needs. The more we get to know our customers’ wants and needs, the more products we can create specifically to fit those wants and needs.

We take great strides to ensure you can RE-LIVE your best day, every day!

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