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Spring Detox Dos and Don’ts

Spring is pretty great. The first time you realize it’s still light out after 6:00 PM is usually one of the year’s highlights. It’s a great time of year for new beginnings, especially if you stopped taking care of yourself over the winter months. In the same way that a spring cleaning can reinvigorate your environment, a spring detox is a great way to refresh your body. This post will look at some spring detox tips, dos, and don’ts.

Why Do a Spring Detox?

There are plenty of reasons to detox in springtime. It’s a time of new growth across the ecosystem. Why not apply that same logic to your own body? A detox can be a great way to reset your own microbiome – your self-contained ecosystem of microbes that helps us digest our food, regulate our immune system, protect against disease, and much more.

Ultimately, there’s one end goal of a spring detox: to feel better. However, performing a cleanse can have a range of other benefits that you might not have considered. For example, a spring detox is excellent for improving your mood, boosting your focus, providing you with energy, aiding in digestion, and clearing up your skin.

Benefits of a Spring Detox

Some specific benefits of a spring detox cleanse may include:

  • Fixing Urinary Problems: countless diets today place unnecessary strain on your kidneys. Eating processed foods combined with high-salt diets have your kidneys running on overdrive.
  • Clearing Out Mind Fog: many people who detox notice increased focus and attention. It becomes easier for them to stick to a task through completion and less likely to become distracted.
  • Resetting Your Lymphatic System: have you found your body wearing down, leaving you susceptible to colds, the flu, and more? A spring detox can help by kicking your lymphatic system into high gear.
  • De-Clogging Sinuses: feeling like your face is underwater? For many of us, springtime means allergies. But a spring cleanse can help you start breathing easier and smelling those blooming flowers.
  • Soothing Tummy Problems: one of the main focuses of a spring detox is fixing stomach aches and other digestive problems.

Tips for a Successful Spring Detox

Now that we’ve gone over some of the various benefits of a spring detox cleanse, it’s time to get down to business. Here are some tips for a successful spring detox, including one example cleanse and some general best practices.

What Should I Do For My Spring Detox?

Okay, so we’ve covered some reasons why a spring detox cleanse may be helpful. But what exactly does performing one entail?

That’s a good question. Generally, a spring detox cleanse takes the form of some kind of diet. You’ll want to eliminate certain foods, double down on others, and drink plenty of water. Here’s a basic diet you can use for your own cleanse.

  • Eliminate completely: wheat (especially gluten), dairy, heavily processed meats (sorry, no bacon during a spring cleanse), alcohol, and caffeine. You also have to completely cut junk food out of your diet. This includes any kind of processed food. Anyone can last 2-3 weeks doing something new! Junk food is probably why we’re all in need of a cleanse from time to time. 
  • Replace with: tons of fruits and veggies. Salads and soups are great meals for your spring cleanse. This is also a great time to get in touch with your inner juicer! Finally, stir-fries make a great spring cleanse “hack.” Use celery, beetroot, and broccoli in all your recipes. If you can, buy organic produce. Another tip is frozen veggie rice – with the right flavoring, frozen veggies can taste AMAZING.
  • Protein Intake: make sure to eat four servings of protein per day. Since you’re eliminating processed meats, you’ll want to focus on grass-fed and finished beef, free-range chicken (not pasture-raised), wild-caught fish – especially salmon, eggs, and if legumes agree with you, add those too!
  • Water Intake: make sure you’re drinking half your body weight in oz a day. This might sound like a lot, but it’s a core component of your spring cleanse. As much as we all love a Topo Chico every once in a while, you need to be drinking still water, not fizzy water. Feel free to add electrolytes to some of your water to replace what you lose via sweat. Plus, you get the added benefits that your body may absorb more of the water you’re drinking.
  • Bail on Breakfast: you have a new breakfast now. Mix two tablespoons of fresh lime juice and two tablespoons of maple syrup in a half pint of warm water. Add half a pinch of cayenne pepper, too. Check with your doctor if fasting is right for you, though!
  • Exercise: your diet is only part of a proper cleanse. You’ll also need to exercise a little bit every day. If your life is go, go, go, yoga is a great choice, as is swimming. Even a daily walk can count towards your exercise. However, if you can manage it, resistance training reigns supreme. Bands, free weights, etc., help you build muscle which leads to your body doing extraordinary things. While you may feel sore the next day, the strength you build overtime will be worth it.

How Long Should a Spring Detox Be?

There’s no “correct number” of days that a spring detox needs to be. You know your body better than anyone else, so you’re the most qualified to determine how long to make your spring detox.

However, there are some ideas you can work with. For example, you could make your first cleanse a few days. If you’re getting serious, consider a spring detox cleanse with a length between 10 and 21 days.

This length of time is great for a few reasons. First, it’s totally manageable. It’s not so long that it becomes stressful or impossible. However, it also works. You can also achieve some pretty significant results over this length of time.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

It might seem like cannonballing into your spring detox is the way to go. But for many people (especially if this is their first spring detox), this is the wrong approach. Instead of trying to initiate your spring detox regimen immediately, ease your way into it. This will give your body time to adapt to what’s going on.

Okay, so we know that easing into our spring detox is important. But just as importantly, you don’t want to stop your spring detox cleanse immediately. You don’t want to dive straight from a cleanse into pizza and White Claws. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, slowly work your way up to it.

That about wraps it up for this post! Remember, above all, a spring detox cleanse is supposed to make you feel better. That can be tough sometimes since a cleanse can be a little stressful at first. Fortunately, you can find high-quality CBD tinctures, edibles, and more at Relive Everyday to help put the finishing touches on your cleanse regimen!

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