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Building Your Empowerment Toolkit

Who are you Really Meant to Be?

When working with Amanda – it’s all about becoming more aware of yourself in relation to the aspects of your life you give and take power. So how does Amanda show you the tools to become aware and empower you to take your power back and step into who you are meant to be?

Getting to Know You

First, there is a meeting where you meet with Amanda to establish your goal(s). What are you trying to do? How are you trying to get there? This initial meeting answers the question: is Amanda someone that can support you through your desired transformation?

After the first session – Amanda will invite you to try something that helps you step towards your goal. The choice is up to you, but the transformation will only come if YOU TAKE ACTION.

If you both decide that you’re a fit, the next step is intake. If you plan on utilizing Medicine as part of the transformation process – the intake gets quite personal. Are you prepared to dive deep?

The 12-Week Empowerment Container

For 12 weeks, Amanda will walk you through various lessons that give you your power back. To get your power back, or to become empowered, requires you to be equipped with knowledge and abilities. So what might you learn from Amanda?

First, you learn how your body responds to stress and how stress isn’t good or bad – it’s functional or dysfunctional for the needs/goals you have. When you start moving into the dysfunctional space, a tool like breathwork can become incredibly useful to invite ease back into your body.

People are creatures of ease. Knowing how you can bring more ease into your life by understanding safety, connection, and fulfillment in relationship to ease can be hugely beneficial to get unstuck in your life. And at the end of the day, all transformation is about getting unstuck in your old way and taking action to build toward your new, more functional way of living.

If Medicine is decided upon, you will have used the last two weeks as prep for this session. If you want to know more about the Medicine Amanda uses, please get in touch with us directly via email. She’d love to walk you through your options.

The next lesson you learn is how your STATE equals your strategy (and vice versa). To simplify this, your S-situation is the facts of what is going on in your life. T-thoughts, what thoughts are you having about the situation. A-action, what actions are you taking as a result of your thoughts and E-emotions about the situation? And Lastly, the second T-Triangle, this is where you get your first taste of how you take your own power away without even knowing – by trapping yourself in the oppression trap triangle. The goal is to not even be in the triangle – so how do you work to get yourself out?

Once you have this familiarity of how what happens outside of you affects you, you move into how what is inside you affects you. This tends to be where the “hippie” portion of the lessons gets deep because Amanda will reference Chakras (aka “Body Mapping”). You should know that Amanda doesn’t subscribe to Chakras being 100% fact. Still, she invites you to consider using them as tools for your own awareness of yourself.

Once you understand some of your external components and inner aspects, Amanda then dives into something called the Hierarchy of Esteem. Spoiler alert, the goal isn’t for all aspects of you to be in a hierarchy, it’s to be in an integrated wholearchy. So you get to evaluate: do you hold your body or your mind in higher esteem? What about your constructs vs. spiritual side?

At this point, you’ve acquired a couple of tools to increase your awareness and help you manage stress. Still, none of this matters if you don’t take action with your expanded consciousness. Transformation is curiosity plus courage plus ACTION. So Amanda helps you innerstand why you haven’t taken action before and why now can be different. Hint? It’s because you have a coach supporting you through the challenges that come with overcoming adversity.

What contributes to adversity? Constructs. Constructs provide a structure or framework that serves one or more purposes. Maybe you are a spouse AND a child. What do you do when your mom doesn’t like your spouse? You get muti-construct strain. Constructs are the building blocks of what makes life meaningful, but also what gives way to adversity. The more you’re aware of what boxes you put yourself and others in, and how each of these boxes relate to each other, the more perspective you can have to step into sovereignty over yourself, be it your body, emotions, mind, or otherwise.

The last tool for awareness has to do with your logic ceiling. Each part of the hierarchy of esteem has its own way of creating logic. Sometimes you’re expanded in one area and constricted in another. But through innerstanding how each of these overlaps in yourself, you can begin to unravel what really matters to all aspects of you.


When you are stuck, get curious. When curiosity causes you to constrict – seek support. Sometimes having a coach can be the make or break in your success. Whether it be offering you new perspectives, encouraging new action, or supporting you when things aren’t working out, a coach helps model what empowerment can look like in your unique situation. The best part about Amanda as your coach – her goal is to empower you so much that you don’t need her anymore. That’s where learning the various tools covered above can lead you. Email us if you want to know more about Amanda’s offerings, or schedule your first FREE call today!

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