What is Hemp Extract?

Hemp extract is a concentration of all components of the hemp plant. This extract includes cannabinoids, terpenes, plant sterols, fatty acids, flavonoids, and essential vitamins and nutrients.

Does the hemp extract in your products contain CBD?

The hemp extract used in our products contains many cannabinoids, with the highest concentration being CBD or cannabidiol. We provide detailed Certificates of Analysis, or COA’s, to show the exact amounts of each cannabinoid within the products we offer.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in hemp that has shown many therapeutic applications and benefits. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a “high” and will not alter the mental state of the consumer.

How does CBD work?

CBD, or cannabidiol, works with a system in our body called the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. The ECS is composed of our own internal cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, and receptors. The two receptors in the ECS are CB1, mainly found in the brain and nervous system, and CB2, which are primarily in the gut and immune system. The ECS is intertwined with all systems of the body and works to promote overall balance or homeostasis within.

When we supply the ECS with cannabinoids from plants or phytocannabinoids, it can work to better utilize our own internally produced endocannabinoids and promote stability in the systems it coordinates. This dynamic process is how CBD can target many mechanisms, including sleep, appetite, mood, stress response, inflammation, pain, and memory, to name a few.

Our ECS can up or down regulate based on many external factors. Supplementing our endocannabinoid system with plant-based cannabinoids like CBD through the use of hemp extracts helps to bring that system back to optimal shape and allows it to work efficiently.

How much CBD is in your hemp extract?

Our hemp extract contains roughly 80% cannabidiol, with the additional 20% being composed of the other essential parts of the hemp plant.

Do you provide certificates of analysis?

We always provide third-party testing Certificates of Analysis (COA) on our products to prove potency and show proof of no residual solvents or pesticides in the final product. These can always be found on our Lab Results.

Our products are currently tested for the following: Potency, Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, Aflatoxins, and Microbial Contaminants.

Are your products produced in a certified lab?

Yes. Our labs are ISO 6, cGMP, and HACCP certified, and audited through BSI.

Why are your products called “Broad Spectrum”?

Our products go through a CO2 extraction process to acquire crude oil and are then put through a second HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) extraction process which removes THC while keeping all other essential components in place. When we remove the THC, the hemp extract goes from being a Full Spectrum extract, or an extract with all compounds included, to a Broad Spectrum extract, which means one or more compounds have been removed.  In the case of our extract, the THC molecule has been removed.

Our products are all THC Free.

What is the difference between your products and medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana, or medical cannabis, is specifically grown and manipulated to contain high concentrations of THC. These plants and their products have a separate set of regulations with which they must comply.

Our products are made using hemp, which the US classifies as any cannabis plant containing under 0.3% THC by dry weight.

What type of extraction process do you use for your products?

We use a CO2 extraction process to obtain our crude oil, then follow with a second HPLC extraction method to remove THC without removing any other beneficial portions of the extract.

Will your products get me high?

No. Our products are THC free and do not contain any psychotoxic or intoxicating components.

Are there any potential side effects?

The most common potential side effects of hemp-derived CBD products are drowsiness, lethargy, lowered blood pressure, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. Always consult with your physician before adding any supplement to your health and wellness regimen.

How much should I take?

While we are not doctors and do not claim to be, we always recommend starting with a small amount and building if needed. Always take your supplement at the same time every day and evaluate how you are feeling after about five days. If you feel more is necessary to address your concerns, increase your amount for the following five days, and so on.

Keep in mind that more is not always better, so starting with a lower concentration product when determining your unique serving requirement is the most cost-effective option. If you find that you are going through a lower strength product faster than estimated, you may need to make a change to a higher strength.

What kinds of ingredients do you use in your products?

Our products are formulated with organic ingredients that are closely monitored in a GMP facility and formulated in an ISO certified lab. We use only high-quality flavorings and carrier oils for all of our products.

Are your products made with hemp seed oil?

No, our products are made using hemp extract, and not hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is an extract of only the seeds of the hemp plant, where hemp extract is made using the entirety of the hemp plant and all its aerial parts.

How do I use the tinctures?

The tinctures are recommended to be used sublingually. The tinctures are to be placed under the tongue and held for about one minute and then swallowed. This process is necessary in order for the oil to be absorbed by the small blood vessels in the mouth, ensuring a faster method of action than absorption through digestion alone.

Are any of your ingestible products safe for dietary restrictions or allergies?

Our Re-Live Tinctures are sweetened using stevia and are dairy-free, vegan, as well as diabetic, paleo, and keto-friendly. Our Re-Assure Gummies are sweetened with tapioca, and are formulated using locust bean gum, making them vegan and keto-friendly!

Allergy Warning: Relive Everyday uses all-natural ingredients, including fruit juices, that may cause a minor to a mild reaction. We ask that you carefully read each ingredient list before using a Relive Everyday product to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients – especially the watermelon juice we use to flavor our RE-LIVE Watermelon Tinctures that may trigger a reaction.

What is the shelf life of your products, and do they need special storage?

The shelf life on our products is 12-18 months, unopened. We recommend storing the products in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. The Re-Assure Gummies are subject to melting if exposed to extreme temperature changes.

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