Who We Are

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More Than Business

We are a group of industry professionals brought together by our passion for providing what people need to feel their best. We all have personal connections to these products, and to the life-changing results, they deliver. We recognize the areas that are lacking in the CBD industry, and we are highly motivated to supply what people are consistently looking for, but until now may have been unable to find.

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Join The Movement

When we started this company, we didn’t view it as just a business opportunity, but a chance to join a movement. We wanted to join a movement of people who were finally taking control of their health and wellness. These were people who had spent years, sometimes even decades, unhappy with one or more aspects of their mental or physical well-being, and we’re looking for a change.

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RE-Live Everyday

We had all heard and experienced the stories that led people to try something new for their health, and we were overwhelmed with the hope that our products provided to ourselves, our families, and our friends. The result was incredible. We are continuously moved by personal testimonials, including stories of people finally sleeping well, feeling calmer, being present for their families, able to play with their kids, and some even feeling relief for the first time in their lives.

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Feeling Your Best

We decided on day one to never be enticed by money, or pursue what was considered the easiest option. We wanted to keep the people and, most importantly, their health in mind. We pride ourselves on our passion for positive change, and for our determination to provide affordable, high-quality hemp extract products to families looking for that same dynamic and healthy change.

Today, we provide a variety of THC free products to assist in your personal journey to complete wellness. With tinctures for peace of mind, pain sprays for calmness of body, and gummies for ease of access, we take great strides to ensure you can re-live your best day, every single day.

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